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Phòng thí nghiệm

Physical lab: SHIMADZU 50T, 200T Tensile Test Instrument

Physical lab: Impact Test Instrusment

Physical lab: Metallographic analysis instrument

Physical lab: Metallographic analysis instrument.

Physical lab: Microscope for Grain size testing

Physical lab: 2.5D Measuring instrument for measure impact testing sample

Chemistry lab: Spectrometer instrument for products chemical compositions analyze.

Chemistry lab: Instruments for sub-materials analyze

Chemical lab: The CS2000: For testing carbon, sulfur composition in lime, Fe-Si, Fe-Mn…

Chemistry lab: instruments analyze Oxygen and nitrogen for billet.

Traditional chemistry laboratory: Instruments for sub-materials analyze.

Traditional chemistry laboratory: Instruments for sub-materials analyze.

Physical lab: The bending-test machine

Test sample processing room: CNC Machine

Test sample processing room: Precision grinding machine

The laboratory machines and equipments

The laboratory of Tung Ho Steel Vietnam Coporation, Limited (THSVC) was built in July, 2017. It consists of chemical lab for testing chemical composition of sub-materials using in steel-making processes; physical lab for testing apperances and physical properties rolling-mill products. The lab room is equipted the modern machines and equipment which are made by famous production around the world such as America, Germany, England…Beside, the machines of THSVC lab are operated by skillful and experiences workers.