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Deformed bar in coil

When the deformed bar is produced in coil, the product of this processing is easy to keep the designed stirrup shape. The DBIC can be stacked vertically for storage, convenient for inventory management.

TCVN 1651-2 D6~D16 CB300-V, CB400-V, CB500-V, CB600-V
GB 1499-2 D6~D16 HFB400, HRB500, HRBF400, HRBF500, HFB400E, HRB500E, HRBF400E, HRBF500E
CNS 560 D10~D16 SD280, SD280W, SD420, SD420W, SD490W
ASTM A615 #3~#5 GR40, GR60, GR75, GR80
ASTM A706 N3~N5 GR60, GR80
JIS G3112 D6~D16 SD295A, SD295B, SD345, SD390, SD490
KS D3504 D6~D16 SD300, SD400, SD500,SD400W,SD500W,SD400S,SD500S

Deformed bar in coil

Deform bar in coil is produced from hot rolled ribbed wire rod.

After the stretching the wire is wound in coils. The coils are processed on straightening, bending and cutting machines into bars and shackles. These products are used i.a. for armouring buildings and bridges.