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Deformed bar

The deformed bar (rebar) system makes the surface of steel bar have a bamboo or a fishbone pattern, thereby increasing the gripping force between the steel bar and the concrete, so that the combination of the two materials can exert a higher combined strength.

STANDARD     SIZE            GRADE
TCVN 1651-2 D6~D50 CB300-V, CB400-V, CB500-V, CB600-V
GB 1499-2 D6~D50 HFB400, HRBF400, HRB400E, HRBF400E, HRB500, HRBF500, HRB500E, HRBF500E
CNS 560 D10~D50 SD280, SD280W, SD420, SD420W, SD490W
ASTM A615 #3~#14 GR40, GR60, GR75, GR80
ASTM A706 N3~N14 GR60, GR80
JIS G3112 D6~D51 SD295, SD345, SD390, SD490
KS D3504 D6~D51 SD300, SD400, SD500, SD400W, SD500W, SD400S, SD500S

Deformed bar

Other production research and development:

  • 1. Ultra-high Tensile USD685/USD785 rebar: Can be applied in high-rise buildings and significantly enhance the buildings’ ability to resist earthquakes.
  • 2. Compact Coil: Small volume, no axial twist, easily loaded and shipped, and conserving of materials.