The steel billet is heated, then undergoes rolling and extension to become the steel products such as steel deformed bar, steel plain bar, steel deformed bar in coil, steel plain bar in coil, structural steel section, etc. These products are main steel materials used in buildings (steel structures) and other construction projects (bridges, ships, vehicles, and so on).
The deformed bar (rebar) system makes the surface of steel bar have a bamboo or a fishbone pattern, thereby increasing the gripping force between the steel bar and the concrete, so that the combination of the two materials can exert a higher combined strength.
Angle bar is a long strip of steel that is perpendicular to each other on both sides. There are equal angle and unequal angle. The sides of the equiangular steel are equal in width. The specifications of the angle bar are expressed in millimeters of side width × side width × side thickness. Channel is mainly used for load-bearing structures such as building structures, plant structures, bridges, machinery assembly, and general structures. Flat bar can be used for making tools and mechanical parts. It is used as a frame structural and escalator for buildings. Square bar is commonly used in building structures, vehicles, rail parts, mechanical shafts, hand tools, piping parts, etc.
Wire rod is steel having round surface without rib. It can be used as one of main materials of reinforcement concrete. Besides, it is suitable for spiral hooks, light steel frames, stair railings and so on.
When the deformed bar is produced in coil, the product of this processing is easy to keep the designed stirrup shape. The DBIC can be stacked vertically for storage, convenient for inventory management.